Sunday, November 16, 2008

Welcome for new National President, Maori Womens Welfare League

On Saturday 1 November 2008, Berry and I accompanied Diane to Pukemokimoki Marae in Napier for the welcome home and acknowledgement of the new National President for the Maori Women's Welfare League, Meagan Joe. The event was attended by representatives of many MWWL branches around the country. Diane made a presentation of a Cook Islands hat and a koha on behalf of PACIFICA and made a lovely speech highlighting the strong links between our two organisations (and we managed to sing a Tahitian song to support her speech). It was also noted that both National Presidents live in Napier - go Hawkes Bay! Here are our two National Presidents together.

Caren Rangi

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Ta'i George said...

Kia orana ladies! What an impressive blog site this is ... I am so impressed with Tiare Ahuriri's techno-savvy. I appreciated reading about your attendance, on all our behalf, at the MWWL's welcome and acknowledgement to their new President. Lovely picture too! Is it presumptuous of me to suggest that the link to this blog site be re-located to the PACIFICA home page? :-)) So that your sistahs from all over the islands can get to it quickly! I will be visiting more often and just wanted to say it's a fantastic initiative with huge potential for strengthening our organisation. Meitaki maata for your enthusiasm. Ta'i George (Vaine Orama Newtown branch - YAY)